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Exotic Post Traumatic CD

Exotic Post Traumatic CD


Recorded at EastWest studios Los Angeles 2018-2019, Exotic Post Traumatic is a braking point for Ivan & The Parazol. 10 songs, all created in a chaotic period of the bands life. But this rock n roll amalgam shows, that even bad things have a silver lining. Listen to the record and choose whether you're Exotic or Pos Traumatic.


1.Nr. 1003   3:15

2.I Can't Recall  3:09

3.What I've Been Through   3:20

4.Changin   3:01

5.Is That   2:43 /official promo song of the city of Budapest in 2020-21/

6.Lonely Sunday2:45

7.Serial Killer (feat. KYIKI)  3:14

8.When I Was 173:19

9.Orchid  5:45

10.Pink Ecstasy  3:27

Total playing time: 32:42

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